The Screening Room is John Schuermann and Brad Waite.

John Schuermann

John has been intensely involved in both the professional and consumer audio / video worlds since the mid-1980s, as a filmmaker, sound designer, film composer, and home theater engineer. John's professional affiliations include membership in the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) where he worked to develop standards for UltraHD content and delivery, the HPA (Hollywood Post-Production Alliance), and the BDA (Blu-ray Disc Association). From 2008 - 2012 John was VP of Sales and Marketing for Panamorph and was responsible for training A/V dealers around the world about film aspect ratios and proper display of film formats in home theater environments. From 2012 forward,John worked closely with major Hollywood studios and various major consumer electronics manufacturers to add enhancements and improvements to UHD (Ultra High Definition) delivery formats and standards.

John is also a respected film maker, composer and sound mixer / designer in his own right, having created the film scores and sound mixes for over half a dozen independent feature films. His recent film score to "The Creep Behind the Camera" was picked by Film Score Magazine as their "top soundtrack to own" for the month of September 2015 ( John also created the film's sound design and full surround mix. (In fact, John has done the sound mixes for every feature film he has worked on as composer). He is currently in pre-production on "The Gospel According to Stephenson", a feature film he is also writing and directing. See the "proof of concept" trailer written, directed, edited, mixed and scored by John at

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Brad Waite

Always interested in electronics, Brad has been engaged in a number of aspects of both professional and consumer audio and video for nearly three decades. He is a successful entrepreneur who has founded a number of established businesses, and is a member of the CEA (Consumer Electronics Association) and SMPTE (Society of Motion Picture & Television Engineers). Brad was the founder and lead engineer for a respected home theater design and installation company with a national impact. His passion for making the application of technology approachable to non-tech-savvy clients led to numerous lectures and educational seminars.

Previously, Brad was an early adopter of computer-generated imagery (CGI), long before the industry as we know it today existed. He produced all aspects of computer animations while working at a post production facility in the late 80s and early 90s. He also directed, edited and produced a weekly video program, as well as produced a weekly audio show for broadcast. Brad served as the lead audio and video engineer for a 1500-seat auditorium, and continues to regularly mix live performances.

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