The Screening Room was founded by John Schuermann and Brad Waite, both of whom are long-time home theater enthusiasts. Not only have they each designed hundreds of home theaters, but John and Brad also have professional film, music and broadcast experience which makes them uniquely qualified to address the challenges of duplicating true cinema in the home.

Here's why you can trust us with your next project:

Unmatched Experience and Integrity

John's and Brad's extensive experience in the film, video and consumer electronics worlds, and passion for home theater design are what fuel The Screening Room's core philosophy to accurately reproduce the professional visions of directors, cinematographers, composers and sound designers in a home theater environment. That goal and philosophy extends to every aspect of our company—from the crew that designs our systems, to the brands we carry (almost all of which have a pedigree in the professional filmmaking world), to the individualized consulting we provide for each and every client.

Professional Design and Installation

You've probably seen equipment racks with a huge tangle of wires that's impossible to decipher. We take pride in our installations, and make sure that every wire, cable, or outlet is properly labeled and designated. Our installers take the time to make sure that your equipment closet or racks are not only neat, but also easy to access and maintain. And, if you engage us early on in the building process, we'll provide you, your architect, and builders with accurate engineering documents that will clearly explain all of the design elements. You'll also receive full system documentation and wiring diagrams for your reference.

No Sales Pressure or Useless Gimmicks

In addition, when you choose The Screening Room, you never have to worry about any high-pressure sales tactics. We believe our experience speaks for itself, and it's our expectation that you will fully trust us to work with you to professionally care for your home theater and lifestyle electronics design needs.

You also won't find us pushing overpriced accessories, cables or extended warranties. Every product we put into your system is there for a reason, and we can back that up with solid research and evidence. There's a fair amount of mysticism in our industry, especially when it comes to high-end audio systems. You can rest assured that you won't hear that from us.

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